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Top AGENTS, MGAs, & Directors are earning from
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21 reasons why this is the opportunity of a lifetime:

  1. Our goal is to help and enroll 10-20 families per week. By doing so many of our Agents/Managers are earning from $100,000 to $1,000,000 annually.
  2. High Commission Contracts- Top competitive contracts with growth opportunity. Advances paid daily. Top commissions, up to 75% advances on submission of applications. Advance commissions are paid Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays).
  3. Thousands of exclusive fresh, HOT leads in your area - Direct Mail, Inserts, Cable TV, and Digital. NO LEAD COST UPFRONT. - Leads are financed based on production. UBI has thousands of leads available today for full time Agents/Managers who follow the company guidelines with no upfront cost.
  4. Lincoln Heritage is the largest provider of agent-produced Final Expense Insurance nationwide.
  5. Exclusive partnership with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® to help families save money on their funeral costs.
  6. 40% of your leads should be converted to sales – this means tens of thousands of dollars for our agents and an outstanding opportunity to earn an awesome income.
  7. Great residual income opportunity.
  8. Simplified Issue Product - one page application.
  9. Plans written from 0 - 85 years of age. Most receive coverage even with health issues. No physical or medical examination required. Coverage is based on answers to health questions on application.
  10. Group Health and Dental Benefits - Available to agents and their family (must meet qualifying production requirements).
  1. Agent friendly cash flow system because of our advanced commissions, residual income opportunity, and lead financing.
  2. Career agents may apply.
  3. 50+ years of growth.
  4. UBI proven, qualified referral system has a goal to maintain 500 Leads at all times.
  5. Ask about our Exciting Management Opportunities.
  6. Exotic Incentive Trips - All expense paid trips awarded to contest winners
  7. Bilingual English/Spanish agents are urged to apply. Spanish leads are available in most states.
  1. Lifetime earnings potential
  2. Agent Website provides current status of your business, 24/7
  3. Receive email notifications on important issues regarding your business
  4. Call us with your questions – you will actually speak to a live person

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* All income is commission based and can vary depending on the individual Agent.


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Universal Benefits Marketing Firm

Universal Benefits Marketing Firm Inc. is a nationwide Insurance Marketing Firm with its administrative Headquarters in Sumter, SC. The company was founded in 1981 by Ted Wilson, Sr. who is currently Chief Executive Officer and Ted Wilson, Jr. is President.

UBI presently has over $3 Billion dollars in face amount. We are currently serving over 300,000 policyholders.

UBI was founded on the principle of professional growth and freedom to explore the unlimited boundaries of sales, services and management.

Consequently, we believe when we support the Agents and Managers, the Agents and Managers will support and remain loyal to our company.

This is a sound practice that has enabled UBI to grow to its present, licensed in over 25 states producing millions of New Sales Annually.

UBI has a track record that can be compared to many Insurance Companies.  We are the number one choice for agents who want an opportunity to grow.

How Do We Help

Death is the one thing you cannot predict, prevent, evade, or avoid! But we can prepare for the realities. There comes a time to talk about the inevitable. Although it is not easy, it is a necessary part of life.

At the death of a loved one, poor decisions are often made due to the emotional burden of losing someone close to them. Most people have little if any experience in determining what is needed. Loved ones often feel pressed for time to make immediate decisions. People often overspend by hundreds or even several thousands of dollars if they do not have a funeral plan in place during that very difficult time.

We can help you apply for a Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage® plan, which pays a cash insurance benefit to your beneficiary that can be used for funeral, burial, and other final expenses.

Insurance plans purchased years ago may not cover the current or future costs of a funeral, burial, and other final expenses.

Our Product

Universal Benefits offers total solutions for seniors who are concerned with taking care of their final expenses.

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